Shareasale Affiliate Program #1…Free to join.

Shareasale affiliate program, do you want to make money promoting products?

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I get a lot of my affiliate partnerships through Shareasale Affiliate Program. It’s fairly easy, you can click on this link to go to their site and fill out their application to join. It will take a few minutes because you have to add all of your pertinant info, and fill out some tax forms.

After that is done, then you can search your niche/product within their system to see if there are companies that offer partnerships. It is easier to have a domain or website because some of the businesses like to check and see where their content is going.

As soon as you find a product you want to promote, you apply to that program. Some companies have automatic approvals, and others approve manually. You will get an email after you apply letting you know whether you’ve been approved or not.

Don’t stress if you don’t get approved right away. Sometimes they want to make sure you are a good fit for their products. In the event that you don’t get approved, wait a few weeks, and reapply. I’ve done this before and gotten approved the second time.

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Make sure you check out the affiliate program details. Some programs offer a low commission rate and a short cookie duration. If you are going to push out marketing for other companies you want it to be worth your time. You can run paid ads (I’ll do a how-to post on that later), but I wouldn’t recommend doing that if you are just starting out. Unless of course you have a marketing budget already. I am starting from scratch, so I don’t run a lot of paid ads. If I do, it’s a small amount, and it’s mostly for me to get analytics so I can see who my audience is.

Also, if you are pushing out content via your own website, (like me) you can integrate analytics into your site. WordPress has great plugins so you can see exactly how many people visit your site, what country they originate from, how they came to your site (via a direct link, search, or your or Beacons page.)

There are quite a few affiliate programs you can join. It depends on which one your product/niche uses as their partner. Partnerize, CJ (Commission Junction), Rakuten, Shareasale, Affiliatly are just a few that I use.

You can at Google Site kit to your page as well, and Adsense to allow other advertisers to post their ads within your blog posts. I don’t do this because it makes my webpage too ”busy”, and I want to promote my own products. But if you just have a blog, like I did prior to 2022, having Adsense is a great idea to earn money as well. All of these integrations can be added with some backend work to your site.

The main thing is that anything you do, if you start from scratch like I have, takes time. Be patient with yourself… you are entering a whole new world with online digital marketing. Be prepared to spend a lot of time learning techy stuff. I enjoy it, but I will say it is time consuming in the beginning when you are getting everything set up. Don’t forget to practice time management…I am NOT good at this every day. 😊…I have to remind myself to take a breath, and step back. It is really easy for me to get to working my business, and then I look up at the clock and 6 hours have gone by. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.

As always, reach out with any questions.



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