A Splatter…

Don’t you want me?

I said no.

It’s ok honey, sshhh, please? Hands close over my wrist, weight presses against my hips.

I said no.

Trying to extricate my body from underneath this weight, I start seeing white, my ears ringing, my eyes staring straight.

I said no.

What is happening to me? I don’t understand-yet. Strange noises envelop my ears, as I fight to stop this threat.

I said no.

My mind spinning when reality sets in, with hands, with legs, with pain. The present of my life begins to stop. It becomes the stranger now, unknown terrain.

I said no.

But it didn’t matter, he took what he wanted with no regard, my heart was now a shatter.

A splatter, no matter.

I said no.

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