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Soooo…as a part of my transparency on building a business online, I have started a project that will teach newbies how to build a website from scratch.

I’m pretty familiar with WordPress, and I wanted to use another platform to build out a brand new site. So I chose Wix. (Sorry WordPress… but you will be the next course creation. 😊)

There is a great platform called Udemy, where you can create a course, upload it, and then sell it. Once you create the course, that’s it… it becomes completely passive income after that.

I’m really wanting to create as much passive income as I can. I will take on a SMALL number of clients for mentoring/coaching, but I want the bulk of my income to come from me sleeping. lol….

This works people, I’m making money.

I really like to write, which is why I have this blog. (Since 2013). I want to share with other people how the process works, and I’m learning as I go.

I will admit, it’s been a bit more time consuming than I first thought, but that’s totally ok! I learn best by doing.

I’ve also shared that I struggled with mental health diagnosis, and I’ll just say that some days I have a hard time functioning. I go through major depressive episodes, I have PTSD and struggle with the symptoms of that. I have body image issues that I struggle with, and it’s just hard some days.

I also am one of those people who get into the ”flow”, and then I’ll work on my business for hours and hours.. this is NOT A GOOD THING for me. I have to learn to manage my time better.

I’m going to share a couple of personal videos of me, and the things that I enjoy, and that bring me happiness. These are my reasons ”why” I started my online business journey. They will be the next posts.

Happy Friday y’all! Make it a great weekend.



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